Pacific J ournal of M edical and H ealth Sciences

ISSN No.: 2456-7450

Prof Emeritus Dr.S.K Verma
( Chief Editor)

Ravindra Bangar

2023 2022
2021 2020

A Quarterly Referred Journal of the Pacific Group of Institutions in the Medical and Health Sciences
Shri Rahul Agrawal
Pacific Medical University, Udaipur
Mrs. Preeti Agrawal
Executive Director
Pacific Medical University, Udaipur
Prof. A. P. Gupta
Vice Chancellor
Pacific Medical University, Udaipur

Advisory Board

Prof. Hemant Kothari
(Cheif Advisor)
Dean PG, PAHER University, Udaipur
Dr. Lakhan Poswal
Principal & Controller
RNT Medical College, Udaipur
Prof. S.C. Ameta
Dean, Faculty of Science,
PAHER University, Udaipur
Prof. Emeritus Dr. D.P. Agarwal
Formar President
Pacific Medical University, Udaipur

Editorial Board

Chief Editor
Dr. S.K. Verma
Professor Emeritus
Department of General Medicine
Pacific Medical College & Hospital
Ravindra Bangar
Associate Professor
Mob No. 9672970941
Assistant Editor
Ashish Sharma
Manager Administration
Mob No. 7230045356

Joint Editors

Dr. K.R.Sharma
Professor & Head, General Medicine, PMCH
Dr. Ravi Bhatia
Professor & Head, Pediatrics
Dr. M.M.Mangal
Professor & Head, Surgery
Dr. S.K. Mehta
Professor & Head, Psychiatry, PMCH
Dr. Rajrani Sharma
Professor & Head, Obst & Gynae, PMCH

Dr. S.C. Kabra
Professor & Head, Community Medicine,

Section Editors

Dr. Nita Sahi
Professor & Head, Biochemistry, PMCH
Dr. Kapil Vyas
Professor & Head, Radiology PMCH
Dr. Veenodini Warhade
Professor & Head, Physiology, PMCH
Dr. P. C. Audichya
Professor & Head, Anesthesiology, PMCH
Dr. Rajeev R. Shah
Professor & Head, Microbiology, PMCH

Dr. J.C. Sharma
Senior Consultant, Cardiology PMCH

Dr. Shashi Sujanani
Professor & Head, Pathology, PMCH
Dr. R.K. Sharma
Senior Consultant, Endocrinology, PMCH

Dr. R.N.Laddha
Professor & Head, Orthopaedics, PMCH

Dr. Amitabh Kumar
Professor & Head, Pharmacology, PMCH
Dr. V.S. Lodha
Professor & Head, Ophthalmology, PMCH

Dr. Atulabh Vajpeyee
Senior Consultant, Neurology PMCH

Dr. M.R. Aswal
Professor & Head, Tub. & Resp. Diseases, PMCH
Dr. Ashish Mehta
Consultant, Gastroenterology, PMCH

International Editorial Board

Professor Dhanjoo N.Ghista
Dr. Hans -Joachim Rudolph
Dr. P. Jain

External Editorial Board

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhadada
Professor & Head
PGIMER Chandigarh
Dr. Surendra Deora
Associate Professor
AIIMS, Jodhpur
Dr. Vinay Goyal
Ex- Professor, Neurology
AIIMS New Delhi
Director Neurology, Medanta, Gurgaon
Dr. D.P. Singh
General Medicine
RNT Medical College, Udaipur

Editorial Board Members

Dr. G.C. Agarwal
Professor & Head, Anatomy, PMCH
Dr. J. Vishnoi
Professor, Medicne, PMCH
Dr. C.P. Purohit
Senior Consultant, Cardiology, PMCH
Dr. P.C. Jain
Professor & Head, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, PMCH
Dr. Manoj Mahajan
Consultant, Medical Oncology, PMCH
Dr. C.M. Ravi Kumar
Professor & Head Prostodontics, PDCRC
Dr. Shivani Bhardwaj
Assistant Professor, Dermatology, PMCH

Circulation Manager

R. S. Deora
Chief Librarian